Skyraider Knives is a branch of GHT Services located in Mesa, Arizona. What is GHT Services you ask? GHT is a manufacturing company which produces parts for the aerospace, gas & oil, communications, and firearms industries. GHT was started in March of 2013 by Gyle Thornhill, son Hunt Thornhill, and son-in-law Johnathan Henninger who joined in July of 2013. GHT may only be 8 years old but between the 3 of us we have a combined experience of 50+ years serving these industries. We take considerable pride in producing parts requiring an extreme level of precision and difficulty.


In March 2020 we had the opportunity to develop our own knife line. Why would we do this? Simple, Johnathan Henninger is a knife nut who saw an opportunity to serve the knife community in a way he felt had been neglected. Skyraider Knives first knife was the SRK-1 Skinner. The idea behind the knife was to provide a robust durable blade at a reasonable price. In addition, the knife is customizable to suite the user’s preferences. Other knife companies may allow you to change the color of your knife but how many allow you to completely change the look and feel of your blade? That is what the SRK-1 and future SRK lines do. After you initially buy into the system you can completely change the look and feel of your knife for a faction of the cost of your initial purchase. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars each time you want a new knife. Just swap out the scales for as little as $45 and your mission is accomplished.


When we started brainstorming what we wanted our knife company to be called we knew three things. One, we wanted our name to reflect our passion and experience for aerospace manufacturing. Two, we wanted the name to by synonymous with durability and performance. Three, the name needed to be kick-ass. That is how we landed on Skyraider.

The Douglas A-1 Skyraider was developed during WWII. The war ended before it was able to move into rotation, consequently, it did not see combat until the Korean War. During both Korea and Vietnam, the Skyraider performed extremely well. The plane was able to take a hit and dish it right back out. Shooting down Migs, landing on a broken runways while under enemy fire, and being riddled with bullet holes and still flying are just a few of the incredible stories told about the Skyraider.

Our goal is to produce knives worthy of the A-1 Skyraider’s legacy.